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IRRA has been established by legal practitioners following a mass influx of refugees with the aim of defending refugees to protect their legal rights and promoting legal regulations and implementations in line with international standards.
Considering the changing policies towards refugees and recent needs in this field, the IRRA’s purposes and aims are summarized as follows:
– Being a pioneer refugee legal aid provider and right-based advocator in line with international standards with its dedicated team of lawyers across Turkey so that refugees can overcome the challenges in enjoying their rights and accessing justice. We aim to be accessible for all refugees including those in detention centers, at borders and airports with the purpose of providing legal assistance directly or indirectly for all refugees who approach our association.

– Preventing the violation of right to life and prohibiting torture within the scope of international human rights law, especially in immigration detention and deportation cases. – Advocating for improvements in policies and implementations applied by migration officers and polices towards refugees.
– Raising public awareness and knowledge about the global situation of refugees as well as their plight in Turkey through activities, training, and media including television, newspapers and social media.
– Documenting and reporting the condition and challenges faced by refugees inside and outside camps both in Turkey and abroad.
– Conducting projects focusing on the economic and social rights of women and child refugees such as the right to education or work to assist in their integration to society.
– Contributing academic researches, training and sources about refugee issues by providing sources, publishing academic journals, training law students and collaborating with academics.
– Reducing the vulnerabilities of women and child refugees.
– Collaborating with state institutions including migration agencies and police stations to increase their capacity and train officers on refugee and international human rights law.