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Our joınt report “Issues Related to Immıgratıon Detentıon” was handeled at the 35th sessıon by the Unıted Natıons.

Our joint report “Issues Related to Immigration Detention” was handeled at the 35th session by the United Nations. The International Refugee Rights Association published together with the Swiss-based organization Global Detention Project the report “Issues Related to Immigration Detention” about rights violations experienced in the Immigration Detention centers in Türkiye. Based on semi-structured interviews with lawyers in Istanbul the report was handled on the 19th

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GREECE HAS AGREED TO ALLOW 39 MIGRANTS TO ENTER ITS TERRITORY AS A RESULT OF OUR ENTRY AND PUBLIC PRESSURE!In response to reports we received on August 9, 2022, after communication with people on the ground and our attempts, we found that 39 asylum seekers were trapped on an islet in Evros River. The details of the developments after our findings and the initiatives taken by our association are as follows:1. As a result of our multilateral discussions, we have learned that 39 refugees arrived i

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CALL ON THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITYWE CALL ON GREECE TO ACT AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR TRANSPORTING THE GRAVE OF THE 5-YEAR-OLD REFUGEE GIRL ON AN ISLET ON THE EVROS RIVER TO TURKEY UPON HER FAMILY'S REQUEST!On August 15, 2022, Greece sent 38 refugees who were stranded on an islet on the Evros River while trying to immigrate to Europe, to the Evros Reception and Identification Center in Fylakio city. One of these refugees on the migration route, a 5-year-old girl, died on the islet. Greek Minis

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Conference of “At The Anniversary Of Hejira Forced Migration From Legal And Sociological Perspective” was followed by a huge audience

Conference of “At The Anniversary Of Hejira Forced Migration From Legal And Sociological Perspective” was followed by a huge audienceAs International Refugee Rights Association, we organised a conference under the auspices of Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Immigration Management, Ministry of Internal Affairs's Directorate General for Relations with Civil Society, MÜSDAV and Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University. Conference title was “At The Anniversary Of Hejira Force

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Thousands homeless as fire sweeps through Rohingya refugee camp

A fire tore through a Rohingya refugee camp in south-east Bangladesh on Sunday, destroying hundreds of shelters and forcing refugees to break through wire fencing to reach safety.“About 1,200 houses were burned in the fire,” said Kamran Hossain, a spokesperson for the Armed Police Battalion, which heads security in the camp.The fire started in camp 16 and raced through shelters made of bamboo and tarpaulin, leaving more than 5,000 people homeless, he told Agence France-Presse.The incident has re

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‘They beat us, the women with an iron rod’: Greek pushbacks continue

hey beat us with an iron rod and left us at sea with our children, a migrant said, describing the violence by Greek elements upon being rescued by the Turkish coast guard.The Turkish coast guard received information that irregular migrants were in a lifeboat off the western province of Izmir’s Çeşme district and went to the area.The teams rescued 19 irregular migrants, including two children, 15 Palestinians and four Eritreans, at a distance of 2.1 nautical miles from the island of Chios and 1.9

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Decathlon halts sale of canoes in France to curb migrant crossings

French sports equipment giant Decathlon has stopped selling kayaks and other small boats in shops close to the Channel coast to prevent migrant crossings, the company said Wednesday.The move comes after a surge this month in the number of migrants making the perilous sea journey from France to Britain across some of the world's busiest shipping lanes.Decathlon said it was removing all dinghies and kayaks from its stores in Calais, Grande-Synthe, Boulogne-sur-Mer and Le Touquet. The towns include

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15 Migrants Drown Off Libyan Coast, Says UNHCR

Fifteen migrants drowned after two boats capsized off Libya in the latest “tragic loss of life” on the perilous sea route to Europe, the UN refugee agency said late Monday. “Bodies of 15 persons recovered as 2 boats arrived at Tripoli Naval Base this evening,” UNHCR Libya tweeted. “The passengers had set off from Zwara and Alkhoms the night before,” it added. The agency said 177 survivors were receiving aid and medical attention from the UNHCR and its partn

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As the International Refugee Rights Association (UMHD), we are reaching out to little hearts once again with the “One Bag, Thousand Dreams” campaign this year as part of the “Without Borders Festival” project. We set out with our volunteer and professional team in order to put a smile on the faces of little hearts with the "Stationery Donation" campaign that we will organize for orphan and refugee students living in Kilis region due to the start of the new academic year.

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Irregular migrants beaten and stripped by Greek security

42 migrants rescued at Turkish border, allowed to meet urgent needs after harsh treatment on Greek side After suffering beatings and being stripped naked at the hands of Greek security forces, dozens of irregular migrants were rescued at the Turkish border where they were forcibly pushed back by Greece, Turkey's National Defense Ministry has announced. Turkish security forces rescued the 42 migrants illegally sent to Turkey's northwestern Edirne province by Greek security forces, the ministry

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